Junmai Ginjo


Junmai Ginjo

    ¥1,980(Tax incl.)
    ¥3,795(Tax incl.)
    Rice variety Gohyakumangoku (grown in Niigata), Yamadanishiki (grown in Shijimi district, Miki, Hyogo Prefecture), other sake brewing rice
    Rice polishing ratio 55%
    Alcohol by volume 15%
    Sake meter value +2

    ※ Composition values are control targets

    A new kind of junmai ginjo.

    This junmai ginjo was the first new product added to our standard lineup in 45 years. It uses Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice polished to 55%, creating a characteristic mellow ginjo aroma and smooth, flexible flavor. Even as a junmai, which allows the natural rich rice umami to come through, it carries a light drinkability that never weighs on the palate. This makes Sai, which in Japanese means "washed clean and clear," the perfect choice for a name.

    Its charm only grows as you continue to pour.

    Sai has a gentle aroma and drinkability that keep it flowing into your cup, while maintaining a clear sense of rice umami. This is what Sai seeks to achieve — a light sake with subtle depth that never tires the palate. We carefully polish the rice, craft the koji without overworking it, and ferment at low temperatures to create sake with low acidity. Further maturing it at low temperatures allows the aromas and tastes to harmonize for a flavor as pure as its name suggests. It has a discreet fullness, a soft and smooth mouthfeel, and a crisp finish. Its charm only grows as you continue to pour. This is a new kind of junmai ginjo sake that perfectly complements dishes from both Eastern and Western cuisines, providing a consistent flavor from start to finish. Savor the harmony between food and sake at a leisurely pace.

    For those who usually enjoy other sake brands,
    discover the new Koshi no Kanbai

    Sai offers an unprecedented and uniquely light drinking experience, making it one we encourage for both those who have enjoyed Koshi no Kanbai in the past and those who regularly drink other brands. You might discover a new way of looking at sake, and maybe even find yourself thinking, "I didn't know Koshi no Kanbai could be like this!" We particularly recommend serving it at around 10°C, but feel free to experiment with different temperature ranges. A unique way of enjoying Sai is cooling down with heated sake during summer and warming up with a cold cup in winter.

    Bringing color to gatherings with the aura of blue.

    Sai comes in a blue bottle that evokes the fresh flavor found within. Simply setting it on the table is enough to bring brightness and color to a dinner, making it the ideal sake for parties with new friends, cherry blossom viewing, and other outdoor events. The intricate pattern embossed on the label represents Koshi no Kanbai's home of Kameda-go, which is surrounded by the Agano and Shinano rivers and the Koagano River that connects the two. This pattern is an expression of gratitude and respect for the local community that nurtures our sake with abundant good water and a cool climate. The golden pattern also symbolizes the bounteous rice harvests of Kameda-go.

    Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


    The first impression is a blend of refinement and richness. The rice-based aroma, typical of junmai sake, is distinct. It carries the fragrance of steamed rice and freshly made mochi, along with notes of banana cream, mangosteen, whipped cream, almond milk, a subtle hint of cherry blossom leaves and honeysuckle, and a mineral fragrance reminiscent of river rocks. There's also a faint note resembling the scent of moss growing on those rocks.


    The initial impression brings a smooth and mellow flavor with the richness typical of junmai sake. It then unfolds with the firm structure brought by Yamadanishiki, which lingers into the finish. Overall, it is well-balanced, smooth, and features a light creaminess, softer than the dryness often found in the usual Koshi no Kanbai flavor profile.

    Drinking Recommendations

    To better appreciate the soft, creamy, and well-balanced qualities of this sake, enjoy it at around 15°C. To accentuate the refreshing aspect suggested by the bottle's appearance, serving it at 10-12°C is also an option.

    Pairing Recommendations

    It enhances the flavors of dishes while maintaining a creamy texture and adding richness to the overall experience.

    • Whole sweetfish sushi
    • Unspiced grilled unagi eel
    • Kabako crab
    • Tuna poke bowl
    • Camembert cheese


    Junmai Ginjo


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    Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
    Above all, we hope to give back to our hometown of Niigata for the natural blessings that have nurtured us.
    That is Ishimoto Sake Brewery's mission.


    What drives Ishimoto's
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