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Order settlement

Please select size, box, noshi, and quantity from the chosen product and add it to your shopping cart. After completing your order, an order completion e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. If you do not receive the email after a while, please check your spam folder or check your order details from your order history on My Page.

We accept the following payment methods: ・Credit cards We accept VISA, Mastercard, DC, JCB, American Express ・COD Only available when the order address and shipping address are the same. Please pay in case on delivery of your order. COD fee is ¥330 for orders up to ¥9,999, ¥440 for orders from ¥10,000 to ¥29,999, and ¥660 for amounts from ¥30,000 to ¥100,000.

About Our Products

In addition to product prices, consumption tax and shipping charges are also applied. Consumption tax rate 10% (rounded to the nearest yen)

About Shipping

Ordered products will be shipped from the Koshi no Kanbai brewery in Kitayama, Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture. Please check shipping cost details at the time of purchase, as shipping costs are calculated based on weight.

Shipping Category ① Category ② Category ③ Category ④ Category ⑤ Category ⑥
Size 60 ¥550 ¥650 ¥700 ¥850 ¥1,000 ¥1,460
Size 80 ¥650 ¥750 ¥850 ¥900 ¥1,050 ¥2,020
Size 100 ¥800 ¥900 ¥1,000 ¥1,100 ¥1,300 ¥2,600
Size 120 ¥1,000 ¥1,100 ¥1,250 ¥1,300 ¥1,550 ¥3,190
Size 140 ¥1,400 ¥1,550 ¥1,550 ¥1,650 ¥1,850 ¥3,800
※ Shipping Categories
Southern Tohoku, Kanto, Shinetsu (including Sado), Hokuriku, Chubu
Chugoku, Shikoku
Hokkaido, Kyushu
※ Size reference
720ml 1 bottle
720ml 2 bottles, 1.8L 1 bottle
720ml 6 bottles, 1.8L 2 bottles
720ml 12 bottles
1.8ml 6 bottles

Only available when the order address and shipping address are the same. COD fees: ¥330 for orders up to ¥9,999, ¥440 for orders from ¥10,000 to ¥29,999, and ¥660 for amounts from ¥30,000 to ¥100,000.

Delivery time request are accepted. Five delivery time slots are available on the order page, so please select the desired time. ① Morning ② 14:00~16:00 ③ 16:00~18:00 ④ 18:00~20:00 ⑤ 19:00~21:00

About Gifts & Wrapping

We accept requests for noshi celebratory bands. Please select on the order screen. ① Please select the cord type. ② Please select or enter a message. ③ Please select whether or not you would like to include a name.  When including a name, please enter the desired name.


Please be sure to confirm ordered items on arrival. We offer free exchanges for the following cases. Please return the products to the shipping location within three days of delivery. ・The delivered product does not match the order. ・Products are damaged or dirty. Note: Please refer to the product shipping confirmation email or the flyer enclosed with the product to find out the product's shipping location.

The Koshi no Kanbai Website official website was revamped as of March, 4th, 2024. You will need to reset your password to log in. We apologize for the inconvenience but ask you to reset your password yourself. Follow the procedure below to reset your password.
 1. Access the password setting page. You can access the password reset screen from the password reset link on the login page. 2. Enter your registered email address. Please enter the email address you previously used with the official Koshi no Kanbai sales site. If you have forgotten the registered email address, please contact us . 3.Click the URL from the information email When you receive the password reset guidance email, please click Reset Password. Note: Please make sure that is on your safe sender list. Note: If the email does not arrive, there is a chance that the entered email does not match the registered email. Please contact us in that case. 4.Enter new password Please enter your new password. After entering your information, click the "Reset password" button at the bottom of the form to complete the reset.

Business hours: 9:00-16:30 (Mon.-Fri.) Closed: Sat/Sun/Holidays, Golden Week, Summer, and Winter holiday seasons Tel (switchboard): 025-276-2028 Please refer to our Privacy Policy for our handling of personal information.

Q.1 Do you offer tours? A.1 There are no passages or facilities inside the brewery suitable for visitors, so we do not offer tours to the public out of concern for safety. Our brewery is also located in a residential neighborhood, so there is no visitors’ parking lot. We appreciate your understanding. Q.2 Can you explain best-by dates and flavor or aromas? A.2 Unlike distilled beverages like shochu and whisky, the flavors and aromas of fermented beverages like sake, beer, and wine change with time, but there is no fixed best-by date. Sake is pasteurized, so as long as it remains unopened, there is no risk of spoilage or danger to health. However, judgments regarding aroma and flavor shifts will vary by individual, so there is no way to set a fixed standard.There are those who prefer fresh flavors and aromas, and those who enjoy those of matured sake. Please try for yourself, and if you do not enjoy the flavor of the sake, use it to cook with.Just like other fermented beverages, sake is sensitive to heat and light (ultraviolet radiation), so we cannot deny that poor management could have an impact and cause deterioration. On the other hand, cold storage, like in a refrigerator, can help extend its drinkable lifespan. Proper storage management can also enhance the depth of flavor, so perceived quality can actually improve with time. As there are those who enjoy those changes, there is no clear way to set any fixed best-by date. Our sake is shipped after careful tasting to ensure the quality of flavor and aroma, and bottling in a hygienic cleanroom to ensure highest quality. The enjoyment of sake and its perception of flavors and aromas can vary with the situation and personal condition at the time of drinking, but if you feel there is a problem with product quality, please contact us. Q.3 What should I do if I am unable to open the screwcap? A.3-1 Use rubber gloves Please try opening the cap while wearing rubber gloves—as thick as possible—to prevent slippage. This will make it easier to open by ensuring grip strength. A.3-2 Use rubber bands It can be effective to wrap multiple rubber bands around the caps. This can have the same effect as rubber gloves, preventing slippage and improving grip. A.3-3 Heat the cap Heating the cap can help equalize internal and external pressure. Hold the cap under water at around 50°C then try opening. Please be careful not to burn yourself.