Autumn seasonal sake brewery has started

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We are sorry to have kept you waiting, but we have started releasing four seasonal sake items for this fall.

1. Junmai Daiginjo Kinmuku 1.8L

Using Yamada Nishiki from Shizen-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, which has a rice polishing ratio of 35%, you can enjoy a timeless taste brought out through low-temperature fermentation and long-term aging. During the cold winter months, we also recommend enjoying it warmly.

2. Tokujoshu 720ml

This sake is made using the ``Hashira Shochu'' technique, using Yamada Nishiki from Shizen-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, with a rice polishing rate of 30%, and our Otsu Shochu. This is a ``special sake'' that is made with dedication to the brewery's craftsmanship and skills.

3. Old sake Otsu shochu 720ml

This is a shochu with an alcohol content of 40% that is made with Daiginjo sake lees as the main ingredient and fermented with moromi, which is then squeezed and distilled under reduced pressure. After being aged for over 5 years, you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of rice.

4. Ten Year Old Sake Otsu Shochu 720ml

This shochu has an alcohol content of 43% and has been aged for 10 years. Please enjoy the mellow taste and aroma. *This is an extremely limited product with extremely low stock quantities due to long-term storage. You will only purchase one item per order.

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