We will present special sake to Niigata City coming-of-age ceremony.

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On the occasion of the Niigata City Coming of Age Ceremony (January 9, 2022), we will be gifting a special Japanese sake, ``Koshino Kanbai,'' to those who come of age in Niigata City.

"Let's have a drink to say thank you."

Coming-of-age ceremonies are also a place to celebrate both new adults and those who have watched them grow, and we would like to celebrate these two. The label was designed by Hirotaka Tanaka, a popular illustrator from Niigata City, and by choosing from multiple labels the one you would like to say "thank you" to and pasting those two label stickers, you can create your own original bottle. is completed.

Sake can sometimes warm up the atmosphere and liven up the conversation. I hope that ``Koshino Kanbai'' will be an opportunity to connect the two of you even more.

*The coming-of-age ceremony commemorative sake “Koshino Kanbai” is not for sale.
*For those under the age of 20, the package will be delivered after their 20th birthday.

Niigata City Coming-of-Age Ceremony Memorial “Thank You, Let’s Drink” Special Site