We offer limited edition sake grown from Niigata sake rice.

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Inside the brewery, the brewery is busy preparing this season's sake, and there is a pleasant sense of tension.
Introducing ``Koshino Kanbai Special Honjozo Oeyama Produced'', a limited edition sake only available this season.A slightly special drink brewed with 100% Gohyakumangoku grown in Oeyama, Kameda-go, Niigata City, which is only sold in the local Niigata area. This is Koshino Kanbai. With its gentle ginjo aroma and light, refreshing taste, it is recommended to be served at room temperature to lukewarm.

Raw material rice / 100% Gohyakumangoku from Oeyama, Kameda-go, Niigata City
Rice polishing ratio / 55%
Alcohol content / 15% Contents / 720ml, 1.8L

Koshino Kanbai special brewed from Oeyama

Niigata Oeyama Sake Brewery Suitable Rice Study Group Koshino Kanbai The raw material for sake rice from Oeyama, ``Gohyakumangoku'', is cultivated in the rice fields of the brewery's seasonal employees. In order to make delicious sake from good rice, Ishimoto Sake Brewery and the farmers together investigate and understand the air temperature, water temperature, and growth conditions of each rice field, perform appropriate cultivation management, and determine the best timing for harvesting, in order to produce excellent raw material rice. We are making efforts to ensure that.