Now accepting reservations for winter Niigata limited sake “Koshino Kanbai regular sake from Oeyama”

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Using 100% Gohyakumangoku sake rice grown in the Oeyama district of Konan Ward, Niigata City, where Koshino Kanbai is grown, this refreshing, crisp sake is brewed with gratitude for the blessings of the region and its people. It's a good drink. We have established the Niigata Oeyama Sake Brewing Rice Production Study Group with local Gohyakumangoku producers and are working to produce better sake rice every year.

This year, we have produced a sake that has a clear ginjo aroma, a slightly sweet banana-like aroma, and a refreshing aftertaste. This is a bottle that I highly recommend giving a try even if you haven't tried it yet.

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Koshino Kanbai regular sake from Oeyama 720ml / 1.8l

You can also purchase from outside Niigata Prefecture here.
As this is a regionally limited sake, it will be shipped from an official Koshino Kanbai distributor in Niigata Prefecture.