• Limited Release
¥4,180(Tax incl.)
720ml Liqueur
Ingredients Ume plums (grown in Japan), Honkaku shochu (made in Japan), rock sugar
Alcohol by volume 17%

A dignified bloom.

We selected three types of ume, Japanese plums: the fragrant and juicy Kishu Nanko Ume, the clear and aromatic Joshu Shirakaga, and the Fujigoro Ume grown in Koshi no Kanbai's hometown. We meticulously prepared them with Hokkaido beet sugar and our own shochu. This luxurious drink offers a perfect harmony between mild sweetness and the three varieties of plums. This is a limited-edition product shipped twice a year, available for the Japanese midsummer and year-end gift-giving seasons.

Kanbai’s character is reflected in our meticulous care.

Our Umeshu production begins in early summer, with the entire staff working together. We source fresh plums and carefully remove each stem by hand. We wash them well, ensuring that any fuzz is removed in a crucial process to prevent bitterness or unwanted flavors. This has become an early summer tradition at Ishimoto Sake Brewery, but the research and preparation leading up to its release took over a decade. This is a product of the highest quality that requires meticulous preparation. At its core lies the philosophy of Ishimoto Sake Brewery, carried on since our founding.

A beckoning flower welcoming all.

Your first sip of our dignified Umeshu is certainly best straight, though there are a variety of ways to enjoy it: with soda water, on the rocks, and even as a base for cocktails. Its elegant aura recalls early spring days, and it is not only an ideal gift, but also a bottle to enhance the atmosphere of any celebration.

Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


Topaz with a delicately glittering golden hue.


The initial impression of glamor carries an aroma hinting at unripe green plums, along with ripe plums, yellow peaches, and apricot compote. There are scents of fragrant olive flowers, as well as a harmony of grapefruit peel, orange peel, honey, and a subtle blend of Darjeeling, chamomile, and linden teas.


From the initial soft and mellow sweetness, it transitions into fresh, expansive acidity. It moves into a refreshing, crisp, and dry impression due to the extended acidity. In the aftertaste, scents of plum and apricot compote, confit, citrus peels, and the aroma of honey linger on.

Drinking Recommendations

The 17% alcohol content and highly finished sense mean the ideal drinking is straight at around 12-15°C in a small tulip wine glass, so you can also enjoy the color. Later, try adding chilled soda water at a 1:2 ratio of soda to Umeshu to bring the ABV to around 12%, and stir gently.
You can also try it in cocktails, for example by mixing on the rocks with Koshi no Kanbai Vintage Aged Otsu-Shochu or pouring over ice and adding ginger ale.

Pairing Recommendations

When drinking straight or with soda:

  • Osechi - Japanese New Year’s dishes (can also be used in traditional herbal otoso, steeping the mix for 2-3 hours)
  • Sweet-steeped egg bearing sweetfish
  • Conger eel shabushabu hotpot with ume paste
  • Pork belly shabushabu hotpot
  • Pork rilettes
  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Sauteed foie gras
  • Stir-fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce
  • Duck with orange sauce



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Brewing rich moments.
Contributing to the future of
sake and the community.

Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
Above all, we hope to give back to our hometown of Niigata for the natural blessings that have nurtured us.
That is Ishimoto Sake Brewery's mission.


What drives Ishimoto's
sake brewing?
And what is it that we hope to
bring to the future of the world
and sake through our brewing?
"Believe in sake,
believe in the world."
That is the concept that unites
the ongoing initiatives and
new ideas we are now pursuing.