Kamedago Oeyamasan

Kamedago Oeyamasan

Kamedago Oeyamasan

  • Niigata Only
  • Winter Limited Release
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Rice variety 100% Gohyakumangoku (grown in Oeyama district, Kameda-go, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)
Rice polishing ratio 58%
Alcohol by volume 15%
Sake meter value +6

※ Composition values are control targets

A winter pleasure showing gratitude to the community.

This winter-only sake is made from Gohyakumangoku rice grown in Koshi no Kanbai's home: the Oeyama district of Kameda-go, Niigata Prefecture. The rice is polished to a ginjo grade level of 58%. It is intended to show our gratitude to the local customers who have long shown us love. Only available in Niigata Prefecture.

A dream called terroir.

At Ishimoto Sake Brewery, our desire to use sake brewing to encourage local cultivation of Gohyakumangoku rice, and above all to make sake that our local community can enjoy with ease and pleasure, motivated our brewers to join local rice farmers in starting the Niigata City Oeyama District Gohyakumangoku Cultivation Research Association. Our ongoing efforts, under the guidance of prefectural and municipal authorities, seek to achieve stable production of high-quality brewing rice. We produce annual limited-edition sake under the name Kamedago Oeyamasan using 100% Oeyama-grown Gohyakumangoku rice we have helped farm ourselves. It embodies the spirit of Japanese sake terroir, crafted with the expertise of Echigo master brewers, reflecting the abundant natural characteristics of Niigata's winter snows, abundant snow-melt water, and long, sunny summers.

Savor with the winter flavors of Niigata.

With its gentle ginjo aroma and refreshing, lively taste, this is an ideal choice for meals. As a winter-only release after the New Year, it perfectly complements Niigata's winter flavors like hotpots made with cold-season yellowtail, cod, blackthroat seaperch, and anglerfish. It can be enjoyed across a wide range of temperatures, from chilled to gently warmed. However, during the coldest season, it's recommended to savor it at about 45°C.

Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


The rice aromas come through clearly, with notes like fresh-steamed rice and dried rice stalk. There are also lactic notes like whipped cream, cream cheese, and sour cream. These are layered with elegant and cool floral scents like white honeysuckle, harmonizing with mineral notes reminiscent of stones in a clear stream bed.


The impression unfolds with a balanced blend of gentle sweetness and savoriness, maintaining a smooth and creamy profile that lingers through to the finish. Notes of rice and dairy aromas persist in the after-flavor, creating a dry impression from the middle to the lingering finish. This dry lingering sensation, intertwined with the rice-like flavors, reflects the inherent character of Gohyakumangoku rice.

Drinking Recommendations

To emphasize the rice flavors more clearly, warm it to around 45-50°C. To emphasize creaminess and smoothness, serving it at 15-18°C is ideal.

Pairing Recommendations

The full, rounded rice flavors complement the tastes of dishes.

  • Chirashizushi (seasoned rice with scattered sushi toppings)
  • Boiled tofu
  • Steamed whitefish with Japanese turnip
  • Shrimp with aurora sauce
  • Salmon tartare
Kamedago Oeyamasan

Kamedago Oeyamasan


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Brewing rich moments.
Contributing to the future of
sake and the community.

Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
Above all, we hope to give back to our hometown of Niigata for the natural blessings that have nurtured us.
That is Ishimoto Sake Brewery's mission.


What drives Ishimoto's
sake brewing?
And what is it that we hope to
bring to the future of the world
and sake through our brewing?
"Believe in sake,
believe in the world."
That is the concept that unites
the ongoing initiatives and
new ideas we are now pursuing.