House-Distilled Shochu


House-Distilled Shochu

  • Limited Release
¥7,700(Tax incl.)
Rice variety 100% Yamadanishiki (grown in Shijimi district, Miki, Hyogo Prefecture)
Rice polishing ratio 30%
Alcohol by volume 16%
Sake meter value +6

※ Tokujoshu ingredients include a portion of in-house distilled shochu.

※ Composition values are control targets

A crystallization of Ishimoto Sake Brewery’s skill

We brew from Yamadanishiki rice grown in Shijimi, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, milled to 30%, and use an ancient technique called hashirajochu brewing. We add shochu distilled by Koshi no Kanbai to the brewing mash, carefully press it in a traditional vat, and mature the sake at low temperatures for over two years. It offers the refined flavor of the highly polished Yamadanishiki rice paired with the gentle and deep matured flavor brought by hashirajochu. This is a limited-edition product shipped twice a year, available for the Japanese midsummer and year-end gift-giving seasons.

Distilling shochu for this drop alone.

We began producing this under our 2nd generation kuramoto Seigo Ishimoto out of his interest in traditional hashirajochu-style sake. This method, dating back to the Edo Period, requires adding distilled shochu to the unfinished mash, then pressing. Ancient records describe it as lightening the flavor and improving stability. Seigo felt that the first step to creating this traditional sake would be making good shochu.

What would make good shochu for this purpose? Through trial and error, we arrived at an original shochu distillation method directly connected to Ishimoto's ginjo brewing. We use flour produced in the rice polishing process and ginjo sake brewing lees to create a fermentation mash. The sake from that fermentation is then pressed and vacuum distilled, creating a spirit with clean, clear, elegant flavor and an ABV content of over 40%. Enjoy this sake chilled from a wineglass, or warmed from a traditional ochoko sake cup, and get a taste of our second kuramoto's dream.

Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


The first impression includes both splendor and freshness. The addition of shochu helps add an elegant, rice-derived aroma akin to fine rice flour or sweet rice dumplings. Along with the nutty cashew-like maturation-derived scents, there are lactic notes of bitter almond and fresh milk. This harmonizes with the ginjo aromas of grapefruit, quince, yellow peach, green bamboo, pine needles, and the minerality of a clear stream's scent.


The 30% rice polishing ratio brings a gentle and refined initial impression, and the long maturation results in a seamless integration throughout, offering a smooth, mellow, elegant, and well-balanced impression that lingers into the aftertaste. In the mid-palate and onwards, the added shochu contributes a sharp, dry aspect, leaving an impression of bitterness alongside a sensation of greenness in the aftertaste, combined with bitter almonds.

Drinking Recommendations

Drink from a tulip-shaped wineglass to fully enjoy the aromatic richness. The temperature should be kept to 10-12°C, avoiding over-chilling for a fresher impression. For more fullness, warming it to 35-40°C is also an option.

Pairing Recommendations

Pair with dishes to enhance richness in flavor while emphasizing a refreshing quality.

  • Seared blackthroat seaperch sashimi
  • Smoked king salmon
  • Squid and avocado salad
  • Green asparagus in mousseline sauce
  • Galician-style octopus


House-Distilled Shochu


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Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
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What drives Ishimoto's
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