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    *The 1.8L size is a limited release on sale from June.

    Rice variety 100% Yamadanishiki (grown in Shijimi district, Miki, Hyogo Prefecture)
    Rice polishing ratio 30%
    Alcohol by volume 16%
    Sake meter value +6

    ※ Composition values are control targets

    The pinnacle of Koshi no Kanbai brewing.

    Ishimoto Sake Brewery produces daiginjo by taking Yamadanishiki rice grown in the Shijimi district of Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, and carefully polishing it down to 30%. Then, utilizing all of our skill, it is brewed and stored for around two years at 1°C. This long, slow fermentation and low-temperature maturation result in a fuller expression of the rice's character and the essential grace of daiginjo sake. Feel free to enjoy it at any temperature, but we particularly recommend nurukan, or around 40 degrees Celsius. 

    The pinnacle,
    and Koshi no Kanbai's standard.

    We use carefully and precisely polished rice to make a style of rice koji called tsukihaze for long, low-temperature fermentation. In pursuit of clean, bright sake without heavy off-flavors, we do not worry about the amount of leftover sake lees in our ginjo brewing. This process of of making gingo sake, or ginjo-zukuri, perfected through our annual production of premium ginjo and daiginjo sake, has become the foundation of all our sake brewing. As a result, no matter what Koshi no Kanbai product you try, you will experience true Koshi no Kanbai flavor. Chotokusen is the daiginjo that has set the standard for all our sake brewing.

    For life's milestones,
    send the gift of ultimate celebration and gratitude.

    Chotokusen is the product of our kuramoto’s commitment and our brewers' skill. The bottle is wrapped in paper and tied with a decorative red cord that evokes the traditional mizuhiki used in Japanese gift-wrapping. This product has long been the choice of those looking for gifts to celebrate milestones, commemorate long life and auspicious birthdays, or simply to show gratitude to important people in their lives.

    Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


    A gorgeous, fresh aroma on first impression. Fruit aromas come front with golden apple, quince compote, grapefruit, hints of yuzu, and other citrus. These harmonize with floral aromas like Japanese honeysuckle and double cherry blossoms, and an elegant layer of rice flour. There are mineral notes bringing clarity, like moss and rock springs.


    The first impression is one of smooth sweetness, followed immediately by a sense of sharpness. At the same time, vibrant flavors come through. A dryness spreads from the mid-palate, but it is balanced and smooth, leading to an elegant, lingering finish. The aftertaste is refreshing and carries a sense of minerality.

    Drinking Recommendations

    Drink at around 10°C from a wine glass to enjoy the elegance. Any cooler will mask the gorgeous aroma.

    Pairing Recommendations

    The cuisine should be elegant and top quality.

    • Blackthroat seaperch carpaccio
    • Quick-boiled octopus
    • Japanese tiger prawn tempura with salt or lemon
    • Whole ayu sweetfish sushi
    • Finely sliced squid sashimi




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    Brewing rich moments.
    Contributing to the future of
    sake and the community.

    Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
    Above all, we hope to give back to our hometown of Niigata for the natural blessings that have nurtured us.
    That is Ishimoto Sake Brewery's mission.


    What drives Ishimoto's
    sake brewing?
    And what is it that we hope to
    bring to the future of the world
    and sake through our brewing?
    "Believe in sake,
    believe in the world."
    That is the concept that unites
    the ongoing initiatives and
    new ideas we are now pursuing.