Aged Ten Years


Aged Ten Years

  • Limited Release
¥8,030(Tax incl.)
Type Honkaku shochu
Ingredients Sake lees (made in Japan), Rice (grown in Japan)
Alcohol by volume 43%

The perfect maturation.

This honkaku shochu uses a fermentation mash made primarily from daiginjo sake lees. The resulting sake is carefully single distilled in a vacuum still, then left to mature for ten years. Those ten years bring even greater depth to the clear aromas and expansive rice umami. The long aging means very little stock is kept, making this drink incredibly rare. It is a limited-edition product shipped twice a year, available for the Japanese midsummer and year-end gift-giving seasons.

Passion handed down from parent to child.

Ishimoto Sake Brewery’s history of producing honkaku shochu originates with 2nd generation kuramoto Seigo Ishimoto's interest in making traditional hashirajochu sake. This technique, dating back to the Edo Period, requires adding distilled shochu to the unfinished mash, then pressing. Ancient records describe it as lightening the flavor, making for more delicious sake. Seigo felt that the first step to creating this traditional sake would be making good shochu. After extensive trial and error, Ishimoto Sake Brewery succeeded in creating its own original shochu distilling process rooted in ginjo sake brewing during the time of 3rd generation kuramoto Ryuichi Ishimoto. His son Tatsunori, 4th generation kuramoto, carries on his passion in bringing this delicacy.

From the start, we intended Vintage Aged Otsu-Shochu to age for ten years. We built the equipment and developed the techniques in 2003 and finally managed to ship the first Aged Ten Years Otsu-Shochu in 2013, making this a very special product for Ishimoto Sake Brewery.

A drink with both clarity and impact.

Ishimoto Sake Brewery chose a process that makes a fermentation mash using the waste from ginjo sake rice polishing and the large amount of solid lees left behind after pressing daiginjo sake. The mash is pressed into sake then single distilled in a vacuum still. The result combines clean, clear flavor with the power of high alcohol content, for an unprecedentedly luxurious beverage.

Welcoming important guests with a treasured gift.

Slightly different from whisky, this 43% ABV Aged Ten Years Otsu-Shochu is marked by smooth, gentle mouthfeel and aroma brought by aging. It is a bottle kept at Japanese embassies and consulates worldwide, and served at official banquets and receptions. Naturally, it's an ideal drink for enjoying a bit of quiet solitude, as well as a way to welcome important guests with a truly rare gift. Try it on the rocks or with water.

Tasting notes by sommelier Shinya Tasaki


The pure, clear base harmonizes with the depth of maturation. It carries an aroma likened to freshly cooked rice, with notes of fresh milk, heavy cream, a refreshing mineral scent, and a subtle nutty fragrance resembling cashew or macadamia nut paste. Additionally, there's a matured aroma reminiscent of chamomile tea.


As an undiluted shochu at 43% ABV, it brings an initial impression holding richness and mellowness that brings some sweetness. The first half delivers a smooth impression, while from the middle a dry and sharp impression lingers long into the finish. Notes of rice, nuts, and minerals persist into the aftertaste.

Drinking Recommendations

This drink is nearly perfect at the high alcohol content, so it begs for enjoyment straight up. The optimal method is to enjoy it chilled straight from the freezer (from -20°C). This will let the initial sweet impression linger longer. Alternatively, you can pour and enjoy it in a brandy glass at around 15°C.

Pairing Recommendations

When drinking straight from the freezer (from -20°C):

  • Caviar
  • Blowfish roe preserved in sake lees
  • Fruit compote
  • Nuts


Aged Ten Years


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Brewing rich moments.
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Our goal is to share the rich gifts of sake with as many people as possible and create more sake lovers.
Above all, we hope to give back to our hometown of Niigata for the natural blessings that have nurtured us.
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What drives Ishimoto's
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