Gohyakumangoku from the Oeyama area is finally ready for harvest!

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The ears of rice, which were still green until the beginning of this month, have started to change color and droop their heads.

Harvesting time is generally determined by the color of the paddy and the cumulative temperature since the ears emerge. We use NTT Docomo's rice field sensors to measure air temperature and calculate the cumulative temperature. Furthermore, we have received guidance from the Niigata Prefectural Agricultural Extension and Guidance Center to accurately determine the harvesting time.

Harvesting began on August 28th.

The beginning of harvesting can also be said to be the beginning of sake making. One of the craftsmanship of a brewer is to take into account the weather conditions in which the rice was grown and produce sake that suits the rice. Another good thing about our company is that the farmers who grow the rice are also involved in the sake brewing. It's really reassuring to have a farmer who knows everything about rice in the warehouse. All of the members of Gohyakumangoku produced in the Oeyama area are involved in sake brewing as seasonal employees, which is very reassuring for the brewery.

Continuing from last year, we have decided to sell sake made with 100% Gohyakumangoku from the Oeyama area this year as well. We would like to continue to aim to create alcoholic beverages that local people can enjoy.